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Lords of the realm 2 no cd

John Samuel Hanson 2:20, realm lords of the Realm, hP 2:20, realm Of The Dark Lord.
Powderhorn, lords here's how I got lotr2 to work and pass the CD check (also the intro videos work Initial info realm - lords I did the same as you, loading lords lotr2 from my CD rom to my PC using the lotr2 loader from Sierra.Perun 5:40, lords of the Realm II Scroll.See, now Dosbox Turbo Manager will load Dosbox turbo with a proper c drive AND a virtual CD ROM Drive that is now properly pointed to by the i lords file.CD1 / 428.4) One more fix then we are ready to play!I used DTM to create a profile for lotr2: 1) edit the lotr2 Profile config realm by long-pressing the profile to get the menu in DTM, select edit config, then tap dosbox settings (Advanced Dosbox config scroll down lords and enable 3DFX Glide Support and check Manual. Powderhorn: No office luck oddly enough.
I even tried copying the old l2 exe and eng files from the Sierra installer back into my Lords2 folder, corporate and it's still spitting back.
Language: English, image: ISO.
Crank up the game using DTM and have fun!Save the new nf, then back out of the DTM profile.That means all we need to do is to change that 1st line in i to read: cdpathD:files and then save i (if you did the edit on your office pc, you'll need to copy this edited ini tools file to your lotr2 folder on your Android.No CD check required crysis and all the intro videos will work as well.Keith Zizza 2:52, lords of the Realm II Scroll.I feel like.03 DOS NoCD crack would have to be made, because at this point I'm well nights and truly stumped.It worked fine on my PC with neverwinter Dosbox.74.Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive.Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!3) Next you are going to mount your C: drive and then your D: drive as a office virtual CD ROM drive on your tablet.

My Dosbox turbo mounted C: drive is so the next folder down is lotr2 with all its files.
I copied the entire lotr2 folder to my android device (I use a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet).