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Gray anatomia para estudantes pdf

gray anatomia para estudantes pdf

Thus, it almost disappears when the arm is completely abducted.
Drainage is also done by the intercostales posteriores veins.
It forms the anterior axillary fold (Williams.As aplicações anatomia práticas dos conceitos de anatomia gray são apresentadas sob uma perspectiva exclusiva da anatomia de superfície, de imagens diagnósticas correlacionadas e de estudos de casos clínicos.From the pectorales lymph gray nodes, the lymph estudantes passes to the centrales and apicales lymph node groups.Medianus nerve: This is formed by the lateral and medial roots coming from the fasciculus para lateralis and fasciculus medialis, respectively.SUMÁRIO 1 O corpo 2 Dorso 3 Tórax 4 Abdome 5 Pelve e períneo 6 Membro inferior 7 Membro superior 8 Cabeça e pescoço.The mammary tissue frequently extends beyond the apparent outline gray of the breast, projecting towards the axilla as an axillary process (sometimes called tail of Spence SBA).Lymph estudantes nodes located deeply in relation to the pectoralis minor muscle constitute level II lymph nodes and are represented gray by the centrales lymph nodes and possibly some lymph nodes in the apicales nodes.Anatomy of the thoracic wall.All the lymph from this group drains to the apicales lymph nodes. The whole pectoralis major forms part of the wall, while only the estudantes intermediate portion of the pectoralis minor forms part.
Anatomy of the Thoracic Wall, Axilla and Breast.
; SBA, 2001; Drake.
The intercostalis suprema is sometimes absent.Subscapularis artery: This is the largest branch of the axillaris artery.Its components are all bones, namely: limited medially by the first rib, posteriorly by the upper margin of the scapula and medial face of the coracoid process of the scapula, and anteriorly by the clavicle.Correspondence to: summary: For adequate treatment of patients with breast cancer, mastologists should have a complete understanding of the anatomy of the thoracic wall, axilla and breast.The pectoralis major muscle has been extracted for better viewing (anterior view of the thorax).Its innervation is performed by the thoracodorsalis nerve, a branch of the fasciculus posterior of the plexus brachialis (Williams.; Drake.The intermediary layer is formed by the intercostalis internus muscle, which has fibers oriented superoanteriorly.There are no fibers of parasympathetic nature in the breasts (Fawcett).Org item description tags) archiveorg GrayAnatomiaaraEstudiantes width560 height384 frameborder0 webkitallowfullscreentrue mozallowfullscreentrue.The fascial lymphatic plexus does not have significant participation in the drainage of the breast, but serves as an alternative route in the event of obstruction of the principal route.assistant Professor in the Department of Morphology of the School of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo, Brasil.The principal duct of each lobe, the lactiferous duct ( ductus lactiferi opens separately into the mammary papilla.Grays Anatomia clínica para estudantes.Anatomically, the axilla is taken to have an apex, a base and four walls, three of which formed by muscles (Snell, 1999; Moore Dalley, 2001).In an endeavor to resolve this difficulty, the present authors have conducted an extensive review, to describe the muscles, blood vessels and nerves of the thoracic wall and in the axilla that are of interest to mastologists.