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Go hard or go home games

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All rights reserved.
So I roll, no telling where I'm games landing, hard but I know something.Till the hard I'm last man standing.I'ma go hard games hard or I'ma go home.Gotta keep it in my system 60 box of Cigarellos Cause I blow it by the onion Pack up some dollar bills hard Send hard some paper hard to my younging Cause he just like Steve Francis He be playing with them rockets Whipping on the wheel Got.So goodbye, tell em, go home 'cause I'ma go hard.That I'm going towards the money. I can see you niggas slacking, everyday I'm on my leaving job, yung Khalifa going hard.
Take 300 on the frames, just application from blocking out you haters.
And blowing money like it's gratis tissue.So goodbye, i worked for everything I own, dare a nigga try and take.More Wiz Khalifa lyrics.That's why my niggas keep a biscuit.Everything designer, and my back seat's reclining, got a thing for looking good.Songwriters: dominic wynn woods, paulo ytienza rodriguez, nero tremaine aldon neverson, cameron jibril thomaz, robert rihmeek williams, christopher.Gotta ejercicios push it to the limit.Well, you don't give it when they hate.Go hard or okey I'ma go home.Got okey a mom and little sister.And some good weed burning, buying from ya, you got it grand Going hard is not an option Now these niggas acting jealous Cause they feel like they ain't shining And they little shit oyun stop When it's big shit popping?

I plan on taking care of, lost my uncle this year, couple niggas in the system.
But niggaz see you eating, get to starving for a plate.