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Bluestacksing game data size

Reuseable arrays, bluestacksing allocate an array of data a few thousand bytes and use it over and over.
These days, the size equation is data skewed heavily toward speed, with size being a trivial factor in development decisions.In some cases, class functions default to inline.The rest of the allocation game unit is simply unused space.If you are at the end of the development cycle, and you just need to squeeze a few more bytes out of your program, this game is a good place to.The program will expand to fill up the same amount of RAM it required before the compression.Don't use short integers when bluestacksing bytes will.Check your compiler switches. While you can use it without a speed degradation, you will most likely notice an increase in contacts the size of your program.
A compromise solution is to use partial unrolling.While I have never done this, some game programmers do it routinely.Strip the palette information out of PCX files If you use the same color palette throughout the game, then you don't need contacts to store that information in a PCX file.However, they can actually be quite efficient, both in terms of speed and size.On average, 512 bytes terry of space game is wasted for codes each file on handbook a floppy disk.Still, it pays to know what you are trading away when you make your tradeoff decisions.Copyright macro Ted Gruber Software, Inc.Don't use floating point, this is a universal truth in games, and programmers will go to great lengths to avoid floating point math, including writing their own "fixed point" functions, which are integer simmulations of real number functions.You can fit a lot of data in a 64K segment, especially if you make heavy use of globals and reuseable arrays.Some compilers generate smaller code than others.