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Aqa gcse biology unit 2 january 2013 unofficial mark scheme

aqa gcse biology unit 2 january 2013 unofficial mark scheme

Blood flowing through the muscles removes the lactic acid.
B) Quantitative data on the distribution of organisms can be obtained by: random sampling with quadrats sampling along a transect.
B2.6.1 Aerobic respiration a) The chemical reactions inside cells are controlled by mark enzymes.
G) To produce proteins, plants also use nitrate ions that are absorbed from the soil.In females the sex chromosomes are the same scheme (XX in males the sex chromosomes are different (XY).The concentration of both enzymes can be varied using computer scheme simulations of enzymes to model their action in varying conditions of pH, temperature and concentration.C) The rate of photosynthesis may be limited by: shortage unofficial of light low temperature shortage of carbon dioxide.H) These changes increase the blood flow to the muscles and so increase the supply of sugar and oxygen and increase the rate of removal of carbon dioxide.Suggested ideas for biology practical work to develop skills and understanding include gcse the following: design an investigation to find the optimum temperature for biological and non-biological washing powders to remove stains from cotton and other materials investigate the action of enzymes using catalase at different concentrations.B2.3.1 Photosynthesis a) Photosynthesis is summarised unit by the equation: light energy carbon dioxide water glucose oxygen b) During photosynthesis: light energy is absorbed by a green substance called chlorophyll, which is found in chloroplasts in some plant cells and algae this energy is used. E) An winsetupfromusb allele that controls the tutorial enterprise development of characteristics only if the gray dominant allele is not present is a recessive allele.
The conditions in which plants are grown can winsetupfromusb be changed to password promote growth.
G) A gene is a small section of DNA.
C) Some enzymes work outside the body cells.They obtain the raw materials they need to make this food from the air and the soil.J) In industry, enzymes are used to bring about reactions at normal temperatures and pressures that would otherwise password require expensive, energy-demanding equipment.Candidates should use their skills, knowledge and understanding to: evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using enzymes in the home and in industry.B) Catalysts increase the rate of chemical reactions.D yeast is a single-celled organism.One cause of muscle fatigue is the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles.B2.1.2 Dissolved substances a dissolved substances can move into and out of cells by diffusion.The digestive enzymes are produced by specialised cells in glands and in the lining of the gut.

D) Embryos can be screened aqa gcse biology unit 2 january 2013 unofficial mark scheme for the alleles that cause these and other genetic disorders.
G) During exercise a number of changes take place: the heart rate increases the rate and depth of breathing increases.